About us

A brief introduction to the company.
  Shaanxi Zhixin Visual Inspection Co., Ltd is a member of the Association of Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry of China. Since the founding of the company, it has continuously devoted to the research and development of visual technology for industrial robot, and up to now the company has independently manufactured the first online image inspection system for blister packing in China, which plays a decisive role in improving blister packing quality, after being used by hundreds of pharmaceutical factories around the world the products have won great praise from customers.
●We are experienced in development, design, manufacture and service for our inspection system.
●We are a professional Hi-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing online inspection system for blister packing.
●We are quite capable of manufacturing software and hardware.
●We guarantee our product quality and technical service.
●The products we offer will have the most competitive price in the market.
●We are expecting a mutually benefical cooperation with customer.

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