System failure processing

    1.Troubleshooting Guide.

    7.The inspection image beats.

    2.Wrong rejection after a period of time use.

    8.The inspection lamp does not glimmer any more.

    3.The format is unable to be set up.

    9.Reject the flawless blister, leak the flawed blister.

    4.No image in inspecting display area.

    10."Illegal operation” dialogue box.

    5.The image is not in the center of the inspection interface.

    11.No response on inspection interface.

    6.Inspection leakage.

    12.It was forbidden to connect or dismantle components when the power is on.



    The packing box for computer case and computer are specially designed which has the quakeproof function, it can withstand the normal hit during transportation.
    The product can not be put in open cabin or compartment during long-distance transportation, when mid-distance transportation it can not be deposited in the open storage depot, during the tra
    nsportation it is also forbidden to transport the products with flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods, it can not undergo the rain, the snow, the liquid matter drench raid or the mechanical damage. Storage environment is -20 to +40, relative humidity 30% to 85%.

    If the user needs to transport the main computer, first please properly protect all instrumentation equipments; only after taking following steps can the user carry on the transportation.

    1Well preserve all useful documents.
    Cut off host computer’s power and tear off the power plug from the power source plug.

    3Separate the host computer with outside supports, dismantle the electrical cable, and tear off the electrical wire and other external instruments installed on the host computer case.
    Repack the host computer in the original packing case, and then transport the instrumentation equipment.

    Do not dismantle any parts or components when the power is on. Pay attention to static when maintenance!

    1.What is static? 
    Static is the electrical charge existing between human body surface and object. Static release is the

    moving of electrical charge from one object surface to another. All electrical components have the risk
    of being damaged by static. We have no chance t
    o see the static damage because human body only

    can catch the static effect with above 3000V, however, lots of electrical components
    can be damaged when below 20V.

    2. Damages brought by static
       Immediate type: eternal damage
      Delay type: functional destroy, not eternal damage
      Cumulating type: damages caused by several static 
    3.Ways to prevent
       Provide relevant prevention tools including anti-static desk, anti-static glove and anti-static belt.
      Components sensitive to static should be stored in special packing box.

      Get rid of materials which produce static, such as carpet, plastic.

    Troubleshooting Guide

    1.LED light source dose not give out light.

    1No 24V DC, check 24V power supply.
    2Check the connection between control cabinet and the light source.

    2.Wrong rejection after a period of time use.
    1Caused by external reasons, reset the new standardized format.
    2There are foreign matters on the light source or check PVC. 
    3Regulate Move y value to restart inspection.
    4Regulate the stopping position of PVC
    3.The format is unable to be set up.

    1Check the format-setting area (that is: x0, y0, x1, y1). 
    2Check whether the value of the parameter is rational; reset the parameter in light of manual.

    3Detect the foreign matters in the inspecting area, whether there is non-tablet/capsule matter with the gray level between 0-1V.

    4.No image in inspecting display area.
    1Regulate CCD focal length and aperture.
    2Check whether the installation of CCD is correct.
    3Check whether the wiring of CCD is correct.
    4Furthermore please carefully check whether there is damage to five-core connector; please contact my company if there is still no image.

    5.The image is not in the center of the inspection interface.

    Start inspection system to enter into inspection interface, click“real-time show” icon.
    1Regulate the bolt one to adjust focus.
    2Regulate the bolt two to adjust aperture.
    3Regulate the bolt three to adjust focus.
    4Make the luminance area as symmetrical as possible.

    5Regulate the lens to clear the vision.

    6.Inspection leakage. 
    The speed of inspection may be too fast. 
    There may be something wrong with the machine.

    It may be caused by manual action.
    Check whether the lens or the bottom of the light source is dirty.
    In order to reject the blisters contaminated with powder, deduct medicine below the lamp-house artificially,
    (Notice: in stop state, it is the inspected medicine below the lamp house) or regulate the Move Y (Move X)
    in run situation, these all can cause the leakage of inspectio
    n. The solutions are to choose suitable speed, 

    correct operation, to eliminate mechanical breakdown, and to wipe the lens and light source regularly. 
    7.The inspection image beats.

    In the run state reduce packaging machine’s operating speed to a very low degree,
    and then stopped it for format setting. Or maybe there is electromagnetic wave disturbance.
    8.The inspection lamp does not glimmer any more.
    No trigger signal.
     The mask clock on the rear of the packer is not firmly fixed, or the circuit among photoelectric switch, PLC and PC is obstructed. Way to solve: fix the mask clock or check the wiring. 
    9.Reject the flawless blister, leak the flawed blister. 
    Mistakes in rejection steps, right way to solve is to regar
    d some flawed blisters as reference, 

    compare the number of blisters rejected ahead of time or lag behind, 
    then regulate rejection steps, later reset the format and parameters. 
    10.“Illegal operation” dialogue box

    The operation system in PC may be in bad working state. Right way to solve: turn on and off the computer in accordance with the standard, it is forbidden to cut off power suddenly or click proc
    edure too frequently. 

    11.No response on inspection interface.

    Maybe click many times on RUN for starting on Inspection interface.The solution: click on RUN only once when coming to inspectioninterface again.

    12.It was forbidden to connect or dismantle components when the power is on. 

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