An Open Letter to ZHIXIN's employees
    Vision Vs. Dreams
    (by Xuegong YUAN, General Manager of ZHIXIN Ltd)

    There are many jobs to be had, but somehow you came to ZHIXIN so we are now working together for success. In the past I have not shared with you our vision for ZHIXIN, but now I will — just a little bit. I want you to know that ZHIXIN is not a job — instead it is your opportunity to rise above mere thoughts and dreams to create and live your own vision. I have a question. Do you know the difference between dreams and visions? I thin

    k dreams are really wishes and pleasant thoughts about the future ... although we do not expect they will really happen. However, vision is powerful. I

    t is the success you expect to achieve by following your own goals and plans. Visions can be big — in fact visions must be big!

    At ZHIXIN we combine our dreams with plans ....... yes, you guessed it ...... to achieve a vision that is different from any other company in o

    ur industry. Do you realize that ZHIXIN's vision for manufacturing and marketing is unique? You are a part of a worldwide manufacturing and marketing company providing high technology machinery to the growing pharmaceutical industry. Our advanced technology is proven, our value is unequaled by any competitor and we are financially strong. Think about it.

     Lead the Way
    Let me encourage you to plan your contribution to ZHIXIN these next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. Do you want to be doing the same then as you are today? If so, ZHIXIN may not be the right company for you. Or do you have a vision for improving your work area, taking more responsibility, earning more income and working hard to be a contributor, not to just "get by" ? Let me encourage you to develo

    p your goals within the broad vision of ZHIXIN and make specific plans to achieve them. It is my belief that to become a strong leader, one first needs to become a faithful follower. A wise man once said that each one must lead .... or follow ..... or get out of the way! ZHIXIN's vision for growth requires strong leaders and teamwork, not lone effort. Be open to help others around you.
    Ask Yourself These Questions
    What do you like to do? What do you do really well? How can you use your abilities to help others grow? What learning must you acquire to achieve your vision? What are your income goals? What positions will you aim for as ZHIXIN continues to grow in sales in China, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Asia, India and more places world wide? You have opportunity to chart your own course! Within the next 10 years, ZHIXIN's vision includes achieving annual sales of $100,000,000 US. This growth will require the promotions of many people like you to become supervisors, managers and department heads.
    What will be your responsibilities at ZHIXIN 10 years from now? It is my hope that your vision will be excel and become one who helps lead the way for others to follow.

                                                                                                                                               Xuegong YUAN
                                                                                                                                                   July, 2007

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