Automatic Tablet Visual Inspection System

    For all visual defects on all types and shapes of tablets

    ·Vision system    ·360°inspection of tablets ·All inspected in one pass

               6camers,2lines       top, bottom and lateral side

           UP to 300,000 tablets/hour


    All new inspection software

      ·Self learning capabilities for faster/easier set-up and operation

      ·17LCD touchscreen with user-friendly graphic HMI

      ·Independent parameter set-up for every inspection area

      ·Self-adjustment and preview


    ·High-precision camera and high-quality host-computer

    ·Professional Illumination


    Quick product changeover

    Versatile feeding and line-up system provides easy adaptation to various shapes of tablets without any specific tooling, enabling product changeover within a few minutes .

    Fast and easy cleaning

    Open architecture provide immediate access to all parts.

    Fast removal and reinstallation of system parts keep total cleaning time to a minimum.

    Compliance with pharmaceutical industry requirements

    ·21CFR part 11 compliant, for future requirements.

    ·FDA approved materials.

    ·Full technical documentation package for easy validation.

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